If you are already married, it can help you to have a better marriage.


Together Forever” A Counsellors Guide to Choosing and Sustaining a Happy Marriage is a comrphensive two-in-one self-guide eBook that has simplified your journey starting from the premarital to marital stage and all the way to maintaing a good marriage. As we are all know, the challenge today is not only in getting married but also in staying blissfully married forever. This is a very detailed guide on choosing the right partner and on navigating the ups and downs of marriage so you can enjoy a happy life.
Whether you are in a relationship, engaged, married or searching, this is a MUST have. Over 90% of challenges discussed in counselling are relationship issues especially from women who are broken, worried, confused & shattered from marital woes. Everywhere you go, it is relationship wahala. From the elites down to the locals, nobody is spared this relationship wahala.
 A lot of people especially the women are stuck in their marriages and full of regrets. Despite the mockery, confusing advices  and funny comments, some are still forced to go on social medias hiding identities to seek help from non-professionals on various relationship challenges.  yet, some are afraid to go online for obvious reasons.  There are so many people suffering in silence, with bottled up emotions and no solution in sight.  Even the men  i realized are not spared.  This situation needs to change!
Man or woman, marriage can be tough on anybody. It can be hard a times, but just like food, it can be very sweet if you know how to cook it well. But everything depends on the choice of spouse you make which is why it’s very important to get it right from the start. With the right person by your side, most life’s challenges will feel like a walk in the park. But again, unfortunately for some persons, the choice of spouse they made  happens to be the problem in thier lives. i know you do not want this, infact, nobody wants this. Even those people did not wish for such, if only they had proper guidance. But it is not late for you.
Embark on a journey of love and resilience with ‘Forever Together: A Counselor’s Guide to Choosing and Sustaining a Happy Marriage’.  
 Are you yearning for a love that stands the test of time, one that weathers life’s storms and only grows stronger with each passing day?
Are you tired of heartbreak or longing for a connection that touches your soul?
 Let us take you on a heartfelt journey to finding your soulmate and be your guiding light on this profound quest for a love that knows no bounds. In this heartwarming and insightful guide, you’ll discover the true essence of a fulfilling and lasting marriage.
This is the same guide that has been used to help many others who paid heavily in private sessions.
Today, you’ll find hope and inspiration, knowing that a love that endures is within your grasp. From the exhilarating moments of finding the perfect partner to navigating the inevitable challenges that arise in every relationship, ‘Forever Together’ offers a wealth of wisdom and practical advice.
You’ll learn how to communicate with empathy, resolve conflicts with compassion, and keep the flame of passion burning bright.
Whether you’ve been hurt in the past, struggling to find the one, or already in a relationship and yearning to deepen your bond, ‘Together Forever’ is your steadfast companion. With expert insights and proven strategies, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on love, unearthing the hidden gems that make lasting connections possible.
This book is not just a blueprint for a successful marriage; it’s a testament to the power of love and the human spirit to overcome obstacles. It is not just a book; it’s a beacon of hope for every heart seeking it’s destined match. With each page, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your partner, yourself, and the unique bond that makes your love story extraordinary.
 In it, you will learn…
*To know if you are being played
* How to find your perfect match
* Red Flags to guide you
* Important things you MUST know about him/her before tying the knot.
* Relationship basics
* How to get your spouse to change
* How to set healthy boundaries
*How to reconnect with your spouse
*How to schedule quality time together
* Keep yourself in good shape physically & mentally and so much more.
Say goodbye to uncertainty and fear, as you embrace the certainty that ‘Forever Together’ provides. Let go of the notion that a perfect marriage is unattainable, for this guide is your key to unlocking the happiness and fulfillment you and your partner deserve.
Love is an ever-evolving journey, and ‘Forever Together’ is your roadmap to navigating its twists and turns. You’ll gain the confidence to navigate the intricate dance of love.
With expert guidance and heartfelt encouragement, you’ll discover the secrets to creating a partnership that grows stronger with every passing day.
So, if you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey that will lead you to the marriage you have always dreamed of, take the first step with ‘Forever Together‘.
 Let the wisdom of an experienced counselor be your guiding light as you navigate the path to a fulfilling and lasting relationship.
Weather you are in a relationship, engaged, married or searching, your story is waiting to BE WRITTEN.
 Are you ready to embrace the magic of ‘Forever Together’ and build a marriage that lasts a lifetime? Say yes to this and discover the power of love to change your life forever.
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Marriage was ordained to us by God, so let the quality of yours be a gift to HIM.”

I am Ajarat Thani, the  founder deep healing counselling. I have helped many troubled individuals and marriages improve .

I am a certified counselor and finished with a distinction from the prestigious BlackFord center. I am also a certified relationship coach.

Deep healing counseling is an online platform whose mission is to provide convenient, confidential , emphatic and non-judgmental  counselling to those that need help. We focus on all kinds of family and relationship issues from, pre-marriage, marriage,  Heart break, depression, low self esteem and more. We offer individual and couples counselling. Our one-on-one private sessions has helped many broken souls heal. 

I have authored many self help relationship books based on common issues affecting relationships today.

Our  resources have helped many couples regain their marital bliss, it has restored the smiles and laughter in many homes. 

we are committed to providing you with the best care based on your unique situation and dedicated to supporting you through the tough time until you are strong enough to carry on.

 I was inspired to set up Deep healing Counselling platform due to a very close and painful experience from my past and everyday, for the past few years, i  get more motivated from the people i meet. 

I understand how confusing and blurry things can become especially when one is having a difficult time in life. I know this because i have been there, everything feels utterly irrelevant so that you lose focus of your life hence, i am dedicated to helping you to succeed in life, making you a happier, more fulfilled person and the world at large a better place. I am passionate about this. 

I believe that distance should not be a barrier to those who need help. Our mission at D.H.C is to make access to professional help easy and to give quality help at the best price.

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Over 100+  exciting couple’s games to help you and your partner  increase passion, intimacy and spice up your marriage.  These are games focused at helping couples create deep & strong connection in the Marriage.  It is a must have for every couple that wants to:
 -Enjoy a closer and more meaningful relationship.
 -Experience more happiness and fulfillment in the marriage.
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MARRIAGE FORTIFICATION SECRETS ( The ultimate guide to having a Long lasting and healthy  Marriage)
The rate of broken Marriages across the globe today is on the rise.  Some singles are afraid of getting married just because of what most marriages have become today.  To get married now is a struggle and to stay happily married these days has become another issue.
This book is designed to help you create a happier and long lasting marriage.  Don’t wait for problems to knock before you get your copy.  Be proactive, be intentional about your Marriage, prevention is cheaper than cure. In it, you will learn :
-How to manage common marital disputes 
-How to ruin their affair
-How to forgive and be forgiven
-How to build trust in the marriage
-How to have good fights
-How to penetrate an obstinate spouse
-Effective nuptial communication and lots more.
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