Individual Counselling

Generally in the course of life, no matter how strong we are, there are times in life when the going gets tough, life becomes difficult, we have low moods and we need someone to talk to. Someone we can trust with our concerns, speak freely with and can understand how we really feel without being judged. Here, we can work together to help you cope with situations that are affecting you. Problems can also affect us in different ways. Some of us get emotionally troubled; others find themselves with obsessions and compulsions. The different ways problems affect people demand many theories aimed at understanding life issues. What’s important is that all these ways of perceiving issues raised during counselling are aimed towards the same objective: to help clients achieve agreed-upon goals to attain mental and emotional wellness.

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My Approach

There are many approaches used in counselling. We have the humanistic theory, the psychoanalytic theory, the cognitive behavioural theory and many more. When we meet, I will tune in to how things are with you; the difficulties you’re facing; feelings you’re struggling with; I will listen to you and offer you support through your difficulties.

Person-Centred Counselling

Using the Person-centred approach, I believe in your potential and ability to make choices for yourself by accessing the resources you already have within you. You may have lost touch with those resources (and may doubt you even have them), but they are always there.

Being listened to in this way can really help and may bring you to a clearer understanding of yourself; to your own answers; to improved self-esteem; or maybe just help when you feel there is no-one else you can talk to.

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