Discover The Top Secret Why Some Marriages And Relationships Fail While Others Don't As Exposed By Top Psychologists

I assure you that you’ve never seen anything like this before.

This is a top secret you’ll never find in the open, you can’t find it in books, articles, or free research works. It is considered a top secret amongst counselors and coaches.

If you’re here today, consider yourself lucky because you’ll be getting a piece of information 90% of people do not have.

Before I go on, I need to sound a warning.

Like I said, this information is sacred, so obviously, it’s not for everyone.

Who’s this for then?

This is for you if:

  • ‌You have trouble finding the right partner
  • ‌If no matter how hard you try or how careful you are, you keep attracting the wrong partners into your life, who leave you worse than they met you
  • ‌If you struggle to hold on to a man or a woman for a month, a year or longer. You keep changing partners like diapers. Not because you want to, but they just keep leaving.
  • ‌Or you’re married but your home is far from being happy.
  • ‌If the joy, happiness, and love that once filled your home in the first few months/years of your marriage have now become history. It has become what you only refer to during conversations because all you do now is to pray for such days to come again.

If any of this defines you, then keep on reading, you’ll find this guide extremely useful and beneficial. 

Before I continue, let me share some live testimonials with you, so you’ll know this is not some made up story.

You see, I understand you perfectly, and I feel your pain.

I know how difficult it is to choose a life partner.

This is probably the most important decision of your life.

It is the single decision that is capable of making or breaking you.

The choice of the wrong partner has fallen empires, killed kings, and put nations at war.

So you have to be extremely careful and calculative.

You can’t gamble your way into relationships and expect to be happy.

You can’t also make decisions based on wrong reasons and ideas and expect to find happiness.

To find a perfect partner and a happy relationship, you must look for certain things.

And to keep your marriage and relationship bubbling, you must keep doing certain things.

There’s no luck to this.

This is no casino or sports betting.

It is what you do with all intentionality.

Let me tell you a secret my friend, most marriages do not fail because of lack of love, or money, or anything like that.

In fact, one of the major reasons marriages fail is because people go in because they believe Ordinary Love would do it.

They believed love was enough.

They believed that once they were in love, they were good to go.

But that’s totally wrong.

It’s probably more wrong than saying the President is my biological mother.


It’s that wrong.

How did I know?

Because I’ve spoken to too many couples, and singles.

So I have the data. Hard and raw. You better listen to me because I know what I’m saying.

Love is just what you need to start a relationship. It’s what will bring you together, and help you start the beautiful union.

Once you’re in, the love is not enough anymore.

You now need more to keep it going.

I see marriage like a pot of soup,

Love is the blended pepper and tomatoes that you need to cook it.

While the other things are the salt, seasoning, and other spices you need for that soup to be sweet and edible.

You can’t cook soup without the pepper mix, the same way you can’t start a relationship or get married without love.

But you can’t eat that soup without salt, Maggi, and other ingredients, it’ll not be sweet, right?

That’s the exact same way you can’t enjoy your marriage without these other things.

It’s just inevitable.

Good luck to whoever thinks just love will cut it for him/her.

But not you. Because you’re smart and you want to make the right decision.

Before I continue, let me tell you a short story:

A few months ago, I had a call with a lady, she had called to complain about her marriage.

She was crying terribly and could barely talk. It took hours to get her to calm down and speak.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone cry that much. It was more than losing a loved one.

Truth is the pain you feel when you’re in a bad marriage is probably more than when you lose a parent or a sibling.

Because with death, there’s a possibility of moving on and accepting the fact that the person is gone.

But when you’re in a bad marriage, it’s like you’re trapped, you’re not happy but you can’t leave easily especially when kids are involved. For every reason you have to leave, you’ll find 2 more reasons to not to.

You’ll feel helpless and hopeless.

You’ll want to die but can’t die.

You’ll keep having hope that it’ll be better one day. And that’s how you keep at it for months, years, and probably decades.

No going back, no moving forward. You’re stuck.

Back to my story.

When I got her to calm down and talk, the first thing I asked her was, “When was the last time you slept well at night?”

Guess what she said, she said she has never slept well in more than 6 months.


She cries herself to sleep daily. Wake up and continue again.

Were you surprised?

I wasn’t. From how much she cried on the call, it’s obvious crying has become her routine.

I could feel that she cries more than she talks. I know this from experience.

I’m sure you can relate too.

I can only imagine how bad her health had become in that 6 months.

You know what’s sad?

Her case is just one out of a million

There are a thousand people out there going through worse in their marriages,

You’re probably one of them.

This is why I decided to take it as my life mission to help as many people as I can

To help couples save their marriages

Help them rekindle the dying love in their homes and

Help singles make the right choice

This I’ve done over and over.

Results don’t lie, do they?

What book are they talking about?


It’s Together Forever: A Counselor’s Guide To Choosing and Sustaining A Happy Marriage


A book that has repaired homes

Fixed dying marriages

Helped confused singles make the right choice.


This book is like a torch for you in the dark

A guide for the ignorant

Cane for the blind

And a must-have for everyone

Are you:

  • Yearning for a love that stands the test of time?
  • Tired of heartbreak or longing for a connection that touches your soul?
  • Wondering how people find partners that love and adore them?
  • Wondering how partners keep the love shining and active for years without getting tired of each other?

Then this is for you.

Together Forever: A Counsellors Guide To a Happy Marriage

In this book, I explained in simple terms that anyone that can read and write will understand in 2 sections.

In section 1, I showed you how to select the perfect partner for you. I highlighted everything you need to know before deciding to say “Yes, I do” to that person.

And in Section 2, I showed you how to sustain and manage your marriage.

In the 2 sections, I explained how to:

  • Know if you are being played
  • How to find your perfect match
  • Red Flags to guide you
  • Important things you MUST know about him/her before tying the knot.
  • Relationship basics

That’s not all, I’ll also show you:

  • How to get your spouse to change
  • How to set healthy boundaries
  • How to reconnect with your spouse
  • How to schedule quality time together
  • Keep yourself in a good shape physically & mentally and so much more.

This book will help you.

How much does the book cost?

Before we get there, I’d love to ask you some questions.

How much is a happy marriage worth to you?

How much can you pay for a knowledge to be able to build the home of your dreams?

If there was a magic you could do, that could help you choose the right partner and get your partner to love and adore you like you would love to, how much do you think it’s worth?

I’ll also love you to quickly browse through the internet and see how much it costs to book an hour session with a counsellor or therapist.

Whatever your answers to the questions above will help you appreciate the value I’m giving you here for almost free.

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That’s not all, you’ll also be getting:

Healthy Relationship Checklist: A Guide/checklist to gauge the quality of your relationship

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