Marriage Counselling

Sometimes relationships go into decline, whether due to the arrival of children or caused by infidelity or simply moving apart. While deep down you want to get back to the relationship you envisioned for yourself, resentment, Intolerance and anger have taken their toll on romance, intimacy and that deep sense of belonging and acceptance. Now your relationship is filled with disagreements, escalation and unfulfilled needs. Communication has broken down and it looks as if the relationship is spiralling out of control.

  • Are you having a difficult relationship with your partner?
  • Are you finding it difficult Coping in a polygamous home?
  • Do you find it difficult managing infertility?
  • Do you want to restore trust and intimacy in your marital life?
  • Do you need help working through infidelity?
  • Or you simply need pre-marital counselling?
  • Are you trying to deal with a divorce or separation?
  • Are you frustrated and overwhelmed by parental responsibilities?

Worry no more, we can jointly explore the issues and together find a peaceful closure. I can act as an impartial intermediary and help to identify some of the issues that are causing friction.

My Approach

I empower both partners to explore deep-rooted healing of the factors that plague a relationship. Without this fundamental shift in approach, solving the core issues in the relationship becomes an impossible task. Once these core issues are solved, finding ways to empower the partner becomes easier and rewarding.

Do you know what you want from your relationship?

Are you ready to discover your best relationship yet – with your current partner or next partner?

What if it requires some relationship work – and what if it is a worthwhile investment into your relationship (and ultimately yourself)?

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When you come to work on your relationship with me, I keep you (both) focused on creating solutions that work in harmony with how you want your relationship to evolve. I focus you on what you ultimately want – and how to get there. Rather than waste your time on being a referee in a competitive relationship, I bring you into a rewarding, mature and intimate relationship that empowers you with the skills and tools to co-create a lifetime of intimacy, fulfilment and growth. I provide a time-proven approach that brings people together and creates safe, loving, respectful partners in a new understanding of the other and the relationship. It helps you create a relationship where you can feel safe and validated; a place you can be yourself and be loved for who you are.

My goal for the couple is to create rapid, comprehensive change and keep you curious and motivated along the way. My mission is to empower you with the skills and tools to work on your own relationship, well into the future; after you’ve completed your time with me. Typically within a short time, we can confidently set a course for a relationship you want to be part of, without needing to rely on further sessions over an extended period of time.

Do you want a relationship that lets you feel safe and nurtured while supporting your growth and providing a home for your heart? Rediscover intimacy and trust in the marriage, the joy, emotional safety and acceptance that comes from a healthy relationship. Get in touch to learn how.

My approach is unique. we do not waste time apportioning blames, we work straight ahead towards creating the marriage of your dreams, the type you have always longed for. In the marriage, together, you will discover the true differences in approach between the masculine and feminine, discovering and meeting each other’s needs, how to rekindle a loving sexual intimacy, communicating effectively, rediscovering trust, overcoming hurt and much more.

With just you, we can jointly explore the issues and together we find a peaceful closure. with you and your spouse, I can act as an impartial intermediary. I never take sides, and I can help identify some of the issues that are causing friction.

The benefits of Marriage counselling

The rewards of a better and loving relationship are numerous. Happiness and longevity aside, it’s the peace that we want. The feeling that we can truly feel accepted for who we are – in a peaceful home, filled with nurture, joy, sense of belonging, support and acceptance; space where we can discover ourselves while being loved “just the way we are”.

  • Let’s do a better relationship
  • Let’s create a healthier, collaborative and fulfilling relationship
  • Let’s rewrite the story of us
  • let’s start today

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‘Everything else seems secondary when your relationship isn’t working’

Separating or divorcing from your spouse

When separating, many couples have found it helpful to talk to me, either together or, more usually, separately.

You may want to discuss your anger and grief about your relationship. And you may find it helpful to talk with me about whether you can achieve acceptance, and even mapping out a new future.

Sexual Concerns

Are you concerned by any of the following? Painful intercourse? A difference in the level of sexual desire? A loss of sexual desire? Difficulty in achieving orgasm or erection? Sexual issues caused by surgery, illness, ageing, disability, or sexual abuse in childhood?

Your family

Are there frictions in your family? Today society is more complex, we have increasingly complicated families, including stepfamilies, and our relationships with our children are not as simple as they used to be. It’s very easy for misunderstandings to arise, and so I can provide a forum for debate to take place, leading to a calmer environment or help you gain more clarity.

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