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Couples Games


This outstanding piece contain issues encountered with people in my career path as a counselor and also due to lack of a better option to refer my clients. I discovered that Few years into most marriages, the initial excitement gradually wanes and most couples unintentionally stop investing in making it work because there’s nothing exciting to look forward to again. Over familiarity and lack of innovation sets in. Consistency surely shows results. couples should always dedicate
their time in making the marriage work and not wait until issues come up.

Marriage Fortification


The high rate of divorce across the globe today is disheartening. This is the same situation in America, Nigeria, China and other places. In Nigeria, just first quarter of 2021, FCT alone got over 4000 divorce applications and most of the marriages that applied were less than a year old (source 2020/02/25).

Together Forever


This is a self-guide to help you to successfully navigate Marital and premarital challenges all by yourself and at your own pace. With the high rate of divorce today, it has become necessary to
have some kind of handbook that helps married couples and couples to be get through their marriage journey without the bumps and scrapes it usually entails.